The Morning Commute Along the Everglades

3 Feb

Most people have to wake up and go to work.  As you know, this is called a commute.  Many of us have a long commute, I remember while living in Miami, the commute would last an hour for only about a 15 mile drive.  Well, I’m glad that is over with, but that got me thinking of the exact opposite of a full on rush hour, nature.

Animals also have to get food and take care of young ones, so I decided to paint an everglades version of the typical commute.  You have the peaceful water or “river of grass” with a mangrove pushing out to break the landscape.  On the mangrove you see that beautiful bird, the roseate spoonbill.  Watch out, traffic is really getting heavy with a heron flying by.  Here’s to hoping your next commute it this peaceful.

everglades, roseate spoonbill, heron

The Morning Commute



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